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About us

Launched in 2012, AviaSim is the leading leisure network specializing in aeronautical simulation in Europe and Canada. Our flight simulator experiences are perfect for aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, thrill-seekers, those looking to conquer their fear of flying, and corporate teams seeking a unique bonding adventure. Captains-for-the-day of all ages can step into the pilot’s seat and take off with the help of our friendly co-pilot instructors. Fueled by a love for all things aviation, our founder Thomas Gasser launched AviaSim to bring sky-high fun to everyone and offer an unforgettable, high-flying adventure.

AviaSim flight simulators, accessible to everyone.
AviaSim offers exceptional and customizable simulation experiences. We give everyone the opportunity to experience piloting a plane for the day in a state-of-the-art flight simulator, guided by a professional flight instructor. We offer different packages so you can personalize your experience and make your flight even more memorable. You can choose to fly solo or as a pair, depending on the package you choose. You can also invite three observers to join you. 

State-of-the-art simulators
AviaSim flight simulators are true-to-life replicas of cockpits on planes used by airlines, developed with leading-edge aeronautics technology. Our simulators are fully customizable to meet the needs of the public and trainee pilots. We update our visuals regularly to deliver the most realistic experience, with immersive 180-degree broadcasts of global regions and airports. With AviaSim, you can fly anywhere in the world. The sky’s the limit.

A proven solution to overcome fears of flying 
In addition to our flight packages designed for fun and adventure, we also offer a special course to help passengers overcome their fear of flying and ultimately get back in the air. This unique course combines theory and practice, helping people better understand air travel and giving them the confidence to fly again. Each course is tailored to the individual, immersing them in a realistic simulated flight. With an impressive success rate of 97 percent, the course is a tried and tested solution to give anxious flyers peace of mind.  

A training solution for professionals 
AviaSim flight simulators allow both qualified and trainee pilots to better understand twin-engine operations and to train for selections or qualifications. Our flight simulators allow you to build experience without breaking your budget. All simulators are recognized as OTD and are FTD- certifiable.

A unique team-building and training activity 
Flying in our simulators is a fun and original activity for every company. We offer dedicated company packages that include the use of a flight simulator and the support of a professional flight instructor to guide and entertain your team. Depending on what you’re looking for, we can create custom scenarios to train your employees in specific skills, from interpersonal skills to stress management. And we have activities for companies of every scope and size, from startups and SMEs to large corporations. Just some of our clients include Thales, Airbus, Total, Microsoft and several hospitals.

Our best packages